NASA Apollo 11 Original Footage:

ABC News Coverage of Launch:

Walter Cronkite reflecting on the Apollo 11 Journey:

40-Year Anniversary Commemoration Video created by USA Today:

Various Pieces of Footage Chronicling Apollo 11 Journey created by Discovery Networks:

American Flag Partial Restoration Video:

CBS News Coverage of Apollo 11 Launch:

Sunseri, Gina.  “Stars and Stripes: Putting The Flag on the Moon.” ABC News, July 18, 2009, (December 1, 2011).

Quenqua, Douglas.  “Shreds of Moon History on the Block.”  The New York Times, July 9 , 2011, (December 1, 2011).

Keltner, Kathy A. “From Myth to Metaphor to Memory: A Rhetorical Analysis of Televised Representations of Project Apollo, 1968-2004.” (2007): 1-259.


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